Democrats visit nursing home as part of community service

Singapore Democrats

In our effort to perform community service and to raise awareness of volunteer work, the Singapore Democrats visited a nursing home over the weekend.

Armed with cakes, pastries and drinks, our members and friends came ready to do whatever they could to assist the staff there and to help bring a little cheer to the elderly residents.

The folks there were clearly happy to have visitors, their faces lighting up when they saw us. As we settled down and made conversation, it was clear that they enjoyed the attention and the break in their daily routine.

Some of them were bed-ridden and could not interact much with us. Despite this they seemed to appreciate our presence and often held our hands. The physical contact seemed to go a long way in helping to soothe aching bones and tired nerves.

They were especially taken in by the children who had come along. “How are you, ah ma?” one of them asked.

“You’re so lovely. Thanks for coming to see us,” the 80-year-old granny replied as she held on to the young hand. “Come, I give you something,” she beckoned, shuffling back to her bed from the common room.

She pulled out a preserved plum: “This is for you.”

Another resident told us, “I’m over a hundred years old and cannot walk. I retired a long time ago.” When we told him that we would return and visit on a regular basis, he broke into a smile and a teardrop ran down his face.

As this was the first time we were visiting the facility, one of our objectives was to familiarise ourselves with its staff and operations so that we can organise our resources to do more in future.

Those who wish to help in this project can contact us at

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