AGC to appeal Judge John Ng’s decision

Singapore Democrats

Attorney General Walter Woon has appealed District Judge John Ng’s decision to acquit the SDP leaders of conducting a procession.

Judge Ng had ruled on 6 Oct 09 that Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Ms Chee Siok Chin, Mr John Tan, Mr Chong Kai Xiong and Mr Charles Tan had not committed an offence when they walked from the Speakers’ Corner to the Queenstown Remand Prison on 16 Sep 07.

The District Judge said that the Prosecution’s interpretation of what constituted a procession was “simplistic” and that the law was meant to relate to offences against public order, nuisance and property.

Because the walk conducted by the SDP leaders did not cause any disruption to public or was not a nuisance, the Judge was of the view that the activity did not constitute a procession.

Two days later, however, the Attorney-General filed an appeal. The Subordinate Courts has sent a letter to the defendants to inform them that an appeal has been filed.

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