Singapore police arrest Falun Gong practitioners

George Fu
Epoch Times

Seven Falun Gong practitioners were arrested while doing exercises in a local park in Singapore on Oct. 5.

Police handcuffed four of the practitioners, citing “vandalizing public property” after they put posters on a wall. Three others, who were meditating, were not handcuffed, since “meditation is allowed,” according to police.

Police are still holding the passports of the practitioners, who are Chinese nationals. Falun Gong, a spiritual practice, is currently persecuted in China by the Chinese regime, and if the practitioners were deported it is likely they would face torture.

In Singapore, the practitioners have done their daily exercises at Esplanade Park, a popular tourist site near the Singapore River, for years. On the wall, they use Sticky Tack to put up posters illustrating the persecution in China.

The police officers claimed that the posters damaged the wall. The practitioners explained that the Sticky Tack does not leave marks, and offered to sweep the ground and clean the area every morning.

Practitioners said the police handcuffed the four without warning or clear explanation. The police took all seven to the police station.

The three practitioners who had earlier meditated were asked to write statements and reveal personal information before they could be freed, while the other four, all Chinese nationals, remained handcuffed and were interrogated at the police station.

According to the practitioners, they left the police station at around midnight, after being locked up for more than 14 hours.

Another arrest

In a related incident the same morning, five to six plainclothes policemen, along with a cameraman, arrived unannounced at the office of Zhang Tao, another Falun Gong practitioner, and demanded to check his car.

According to Zhang, who helps to ferry Falun Gong banners, posters and fliers to the Esplanade Park every morning by car, the policemen confiscated his materials and took him to the police station.

“I began to sense something was very amiss when they ordered me to remove my personal possessions such as wallet, shoes, socks, and belt before asking me to sit on an iron stool inside a long dark alley where I could hear noises coming from the locked up cells,” said Zhang. “The next thing I knew was I was handcuffed.”

“I told them I needed to see the prosecutor immediately, for I have done nothing to deserve this senseless treatment.”

One of the policemen told Zhang that he would be charged with public property vandalism, and questioned Zhang about the origin of the Falun Gong banners and posters, as well as how frequently he drove the materials to the Esplanade Park.

Zhang said “public property vandalism” could not justify his being handcuffed, and demanded to see the prosecutor. The officers ignored his entreaties.

After more than 13 hours of detention, Zhang was allowed to return home on bail around midnight, but the police kept his passport.

The practitioners were told to return in two weeks time, on Oct. 16, for the verdict.

Spokesperson for the U.S.-based Falun Dafa Information Center, Levi Browde, said there is a real concern that the practitioners could get deported to China.

“If they are deported they are at risk of severe persecution,” he said. “We will reach out to the Singapore government to make sure they are safe, and to explain the exact facts of the persecution in China to make sure they understand the stakes of an action such as deportation.”


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