They come younger and younger

Singapore Democrats

The SDP has always had young people coming into its ranks. That’s how we’ve been able to set up the
Young Democrats (YD), the first opposition party in Singapore to do so. But our young folks seem to come younger and younger.

Today a 15-year-old student joined us for a walkabout and sales of
The New Democrat. The young gentleman was acted as if he had been making the rounds for years, confidently approaching shoppers and asking them to buy the newspaper.

He was also strikingly well-informed about the issues and the goings-on in the political scene and had even taken issues of
The New Democrat to school to show his classmates. It is refreshing to see students take such a keen interest in politics.

To be sure, however, this is not altogether surprising. Students regularly come to the office to meet with SDP leaders and to interview them for school projects. This is despite the apprehension that their teachers express in their choice of the subject.

Through the years the SDP has seen young faces take an interest in the party and the cause it promotes. Many of them are concerned with the lack of political freedom in Singapore and the continued abuse of human rights in this country.

The Young Democrats have also been doing their homework in raising discussions that interest young people in Singapore. (Please visit the YD’s Facebook

With the advent of the Internet, it has been easier to raise awareness among the younger generation of Singaporeans and the SDP has been using this new media to reach out to this segment of the population.

Even as we campaign on bread-and-butter issues, the Singapore Democrats are aware there are not few young Singaporeans who feel strongly about their democratic rights. Unfortunately, many feel so disillusioned with the system that they end up emigrating to other countries.

To our younger Singaporeans, we want to tell you that the political future of this country is worth fighting for and the Singapore Democrats together, with our YD, will continue to be the party that leads the fight.

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