Brains, bravery and…beauty

Singapore Democrats

Singaporeans know that we in the SDP have been at the forefront of the struggle for political reform. We have shown that we can hold our own intellectually. In addition, the
Tak Boleh Tahan! campaigners have shown courage in abundance.

So there is no doubt that we have brains and bravery within our midst. But beauty?

The Singapore Democrats hereby serve notice that we take no backseat to anyone in the glamour department. Few know that within our ranks are some guys and gals who have turned many a head and set not few hearts a-fluttering.

We present Mr Warren Masilamony. Warren’s stage presence and his brooding good looks led him to be among the finalists of Manhunt Singapore 2006. He was also featured in our video
Flame of Democracy as well as some productions at MediaCorps.

Warren is no intellectual lightweight either. He graduated with a bachelors degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Spain and is currently working overseas in the media industry. Although a Physical Training Instructor in the army during his National Service days, Warren has strong views against the way NS is presently implemented.

Nicknamed Singapore’s “Ricky Martin”, Warren was one of the few Young Democrats who spoke, and impressively so, at several SDP rallies during 2006 elections.

Another Young Democrat who has been embraced by the “pop” stage is Mr Teoh Tian Jing who won the Mr Singapore Universe 2006 title because of his handsome, boyish looks and charming personality. The women Democrats in the party roundly endorse the award.

Beauty and brains don’t go together, you say? Tian Jing was one of the few brave souls who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with six activists at the Hong Lim Park standoff during the WB-IMF meeting in Sept 2006. He wrote about his experience in a moving piece

Later in the same year, he was among the group of 20 people who conducted the Freedom Walk on the International Human Rights Day.

He has been charged and will be tried in court together with SDP leaders like Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr John Tan and Ms Chee Siok Chin.

Tian Jing is presently serving his National Service with the Navy. Before our lady readers start emailing us for his contact, we should announce that TJ is currently dating a charming young lass from Taiwan.

Our most recent pride is Ms Surayah binte Akbar. You may know Surayah from her latest encounter with the police. She is one of the 18 charged for participating in the TBT protest on 15 Mar 08 and will be standing trial on 23 Oct.

Her inner beauty and courage radiates from within and showed in the Mrs Singapore 2008 pageant. During the finals, Suraya won the Mrs Talent title. She belted out one of Maria Carey’s hits during the contest to capture the judges’ hearts.

Like Warren, the radiant mother of three is featured in the video Flame of Democracy. She is an outspoken dame of democracy. Assuredly, she will pass on more than good looks to her children.

So there. We’ve shown here that the Singapore Democrats can not only fight the good fight but also get the good looks.