Chee reminds Americans of corporate social responsibility

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In the last two weeks Dr Chee Soon Juan has done ten interviews with various US radio shows where he talked about the need for democracy in Singapore.

Dr Chee’s message was simple: American multinationals that set up shop in Singapore need to pay attention to their corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Colluding with the PAP Government to suppress workers’s rights and wages is not a sustainable policy.

CSR encourages corporations to embrace responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment and community in which they operate. This includes promoting the interest of the public which can only be addressed if the system is democratic and open.

Dr Chee tells listeners that the labour movement in Singapore is in the hands of the PAP and workers have no say in their own welfare and working conditions.

Of special concern are the low-income workers, including the elderly, who are are being exploited.

The autocratic system allows corporations to maximise profits at the expense of workers. Such an approach affects productivity and undermines everyone’s interests. It is not sustainable in the long-run.

Trade must not only be free, it must also be fair.

The SDP secretary-general emphasized that democracy makes good business sense, because a democratic society benefits all sectors of society.

And while change must come from Singaporeans ourselves, Americans must realise that the collusion of US companies with the PAP to suppress democracy in Singapore, makes it harder for workers here to stop the exploitation.    

The following are programmes that Dr Chee has spoken on. The audio links are provided where available.

The Lionel Show on Air America (nationwide). Click here to listen to interview.

Ellen Ratner on Talk Radio News (Washington DC and New York City). Click here to listen to interview.

Louie B Free Show. Click here to listen to interview.

Live in Washington with Jack Rice on Air America (nationwide). Click here to listen to interview.

The Bev Smith Show on American Urban Radio Networks.

The Ron Reagan Show on Air America (nationwide).

The Ken Pittman Show (Massachussetts).

Bob Kincaid on Head On Radio Network (West Virginia).

Jeff Santos (Boston)

Warren Ballentine on Radio One Syndication/Sirius Satellite Network (nationwide).

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