India to let Singapore Technologies join Howitzer trials

Vivek Raghuvanshi
Defence News

The Indian government has allowed the Army to invite formerly banned Singapore Technologies to participate in trials to purchase 155mm/52 caliber towed artillery guns.

The company had been banned, along with six other defense companies, in June 2009 in connection with alleged corruption charges. However, the government’s move now will allow trials to be held within a month, said a senior Indian Army official.

A senior Indian Defence Ministry official said that even if it wins, Singapore Technologies will not be given a contract until it is cleared of all charges by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation.

In March 2008, the Indian Army had floated a tender for the off-the-shelf purchase of 400 155 mm/52 caliber towed artillery guns and the licensed production of approximately 1,180 guns on a transfer-of-technology basis.

Tenders were given to eight companies from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, but in the end the Army’s Technical Evaluation Committee qualified only BAE Systems and Singapore Technologies.

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