Romanian diplomat suspected in Singapore hit-and-run accident


Romania’s highest diplomatic representative to Singapore is not being ruled out as a suspect in a car accident that left one dead and two others injured a fortnight ago, according to a local news report Wednesday.

Dr Silviu Ionescu, charge d’affaires of the Romanian embassy, has gone back to Romania, as he was reportedly suffering from diabetes.

But police investigators said they have not ruled out any suspect in the hit-and-run accident around 3 am on December 15.

Ionescu had reported to police that a car belonging to the embassy was missing. Police later found the car abandoned in a suburban industrial estate.

The driver of the black Audi A6 had sped off after hitting three people at two junctions, according to a report by The Straits Times. One of the victims, 31-year-old Tan Kok Wai, suffered severe brain damage and died 10 days later when taken off life support at a local hospital.

Ionescu is the highest-ranking official at the Romanian embassy in Singapore, with diplomatic status and legal immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.