2 Taiwanese arrested in hit-and-run incident with Singapore man


Two Taiwanese have been arrested for a hit-and-run incident which has left a Singaporean military officer critically injured, the Central News Agency (CNA) said Saturday.

The incident occurred Thursday and the two drivers were arrested Friday and Saturday respectively. The Singaporean, a sergent major identified only by his surname Lim, 34, is listed as in critical condition, CNA said.

Lim is with Singaporean troops taking part in combat training in southern Taiwan under the Starlight Programme, in which Taiwan provides training venues for Singaporean troops. The Starlight Programme began in 1975 but is kept at low profile since Taiwan and Singapore do not have diplomatic ties.

According to CNA, Lim was crossing a street in Hengchun, south Taiwan, at about 7 pm Thursday when he was knocked down by a car, after which his legs were run over by a tourist coach.


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