Singapore, for the first time, cooperative on Robert

The Jakarta Post

Former National Police chief of detective Comr. Gen. Susno Duadji said Wednesday that Singapore had cooperated with Indonesia in recovering the Bank Century money stolen by its own owner Robert Tantular.

“Singapore, for the first time, gave us details of Robert Tantular’s bank account, containing US$14 million. This had never happened before,” Susno said.

Not only Singapore, but Australia and Hong Kong had also cooperated with the National Police to freeze Robert’s assets in those countries, Susno said.

However, Susno explained that another shareholder, Rafat Ali Rizvi, was still hiding in Singapore.

“He cannot leave Singapore. Even if he went back to the UK, he would be arrested there,” Susno said.

Susno explained that Robert Tantular was “sly and slick”, noting that he had created fictitious companies to rob the bank.

“His crime was very well-planned,” he said.

A Jakarta District Court convicted Robert Tantular of stealing money from Bank Century and sentenced him to four years in prison. The High Court confirmed the verdict but increased the jail term to five years.

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