Let’s take an interest in politics

Muhd Khalis

The present situation, be it good or bad, democratic or not, even profit or loss will not stay the same. The difference that tomorrow brings does not come from current personalities or leaders. It comes from the present day youth.

No organisation, be it political, sports or even in the arts, that does not have a long-term plan can be a solution. A long-term plan is to invest in today’s youth, with the aim of creating tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders that will benefit their organisations or groups.

In the area of sports, for example football, it’s compulsory to set up youth academies. Football associations understand that talent has to be nurtured and that it has to start young. Developing one’s ability and skills requires time, effort and most importantly, determination.

Now back to politics. It is even more important for us to start early, or should I say, start being politically aware early on in life. Before getting involved, one should understand, or at least have a basic knowledge, of politics.

But when I ask youths about their views on politics, most would simply reply that it is boring or it is an “old man’s game”.

Is politics really boring? If politics is boring, then our lives must be boring too. This is because politics are about issues that affect our lives. Politics is about the common people. It’s about you, me and all of us together. Bring your life into politics and make it a more vibrant scene.

If the typical political forum is boring, then let’s change its format. A sit-around discussion where we discuss issues in an informal manner, throwing up ideas and opinions may be more appealing. Or maybe a discussion over on Facebook?

If something is boring, then change it. Unless you make the decision to be involved, it will continue to be boring for many more years to come. The important thing here is to be aware.

But if you claim that you know nothing about politics and yet cast your vote every time an election comes around, isn’t that unwise, even dangerous? How can you vote without knowing the issues when your future is at stake?

Educate yourselves. Feel empowered and be part of the future. Whatever we are doing now will benefit future generations of Singaporeans.

Muhd Khalis is the Programme Director of the party’s youth wing, The Young Democrats (YD).

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