Singapore remains corrupters’ favored haven

Antara News

Deputy Attorney General Darmono said Singapore had remained the favorite haven for wanted corrupters from Indonesia.

“Singapore is the favorite place to hide for wanted corrupters,” he said after meeting with House Commission III here on Monday.

Darmono, the leader of a team currently hunting fleeing corrupters said most of the 18 corrupters currently being sought are in Singapore.

He said corrupters always seek countries where they can get a stay permit easily.

“They are looking for a safe state to stay,” he said.

He admitted he had received information that one of the 18 corrupters now being sought after wishing to stay in the US and “therefore we will coordinate with the foreign ministry to check the truth of the information.”

He said the team would also submit the copy of the court`s ruling for the corrupter who wished to flee to the US.

“The copy will be proof that he (the corrupter) is involved in a legal case and therefore his stay permit must be revoked and made invalid,” he said.

He believed the fugitives had manipulated the data. “We will coordinate with the international police,” he said.

As has been known one of the fugitives believed to live in Singapore is Djoko Tjandra, wanted in connection with the Bank Bali cessie case.

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