Senior members to receive awards at dinner

Singapore Democrats

Two senior members of the Singapore Democrats will be presented long-service awards for their contribution to the party and to the cause of democracy in Singapore. 

Messrs Michael Hwang and Albert Lim have served the Party with distinction for decades and their services will be recognised at the SDP’s 30th Anniversary Dinner to be held on 27 Feb 10.

Not to be outdone the Young Democrats will also be featured in evening’s programme.  The party will be showcasing its past, present and future and there’s no better time to do this than on our 30th birthday.

The evening promises to be a night full of entertainment, accompanied by good food and fine wine.  It will be a great occasion for us to meet our new friends and rekindle ties with familiar ones – all this in a atmosphere of fun and music.

The highlight of the evening will be the launching of our commemorative magazine which we have worked very hard on and which we are very excited to present to you.  Guests will each receive a complimentary copy.

In addition, there will be a finale which will include a giant SDP cake. You won’t want to miss this.

The event will be a celebration of a different sort – a celebration of the triumph of that spirit which cannot be broken, the spirit of democracy.   

So come and join us for An Evening of Dazzle with the Democrats and commemorate with us 30 years of proud democratic service to our nation.  Help us kindle brighter the candles of freedom on our birthday cake where once lit can never be extinguished. 

Bring your family and friends. It’ll be a great time, a meaningful time.

Tickets are available at $50.  Please contact Ms Jaslyn Go at 9239-3133 or email us at

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