Dr Chee takes issue with Zaobao and ST’s reports

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CSJ-zaobaoOn Sunday, 28 February, Lianhe Zaobao reported an interview with SDP Secretary-General, Dr Chee Soon Juan, which was also reported subsequently in the Straits Times on 1 March 2010.

According to Dr Chee, there are issues in the reports, which he would like to address. However, because of his current imprisonment, he is unable to do so.

Assistant Secretary-General, Mr John Tan, writes to the press to alert them that Dr Chee will be responding to the articles after he is released this weekend.

2 March 2010

The Editor
Lianhe Zaobao
via email at zaobao@zaobao.com.sg

The Editor
Straits Times
via email at stonline@sph.com.sg

Dear Editors,

I am writing on Dr. Chee Soon Juan’s behalf in response to your reports (in Lianhe Zaobao, dated 28 February 2010; in the Straits Times, dated 1 March 2010) on Zaobao’s interview with him.

I wish to give you the heads up that there are several matters in the reports over which Dr. Chee takes issue with. For instance, the articles appear to suggest, inaccurately, that Dr. Chee was evasive when touching on questions about foreign funds.

As he is presently in prison, he is not able to respond in details to the articles. He will write to you after he is released at the end of the week.


John Tan
Assistant Secretary-General
Singapore Democratic Party

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