Let’s get serious about alternative: Democrats to hold public discussion

Singapore Democrats

Are you tired of competing with foreign workers for jobs that pay pittance? Are you concerned about the escalating prices of HDB flats? Are you angry about the loss of billions of dollars of our reserves?

Then come and join us in a public forum where the Singapore Democrats will discuss these issues by way of presenting our alternative economic programme. This forum will take place next Sunday, 28 Mar 10 (see below for time and venue). The event is part of a series of activities to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the SDP.

The Singapore Democrats are determined to bring to the Singaporean electorate an alternative to the PAP’s economic system which has come under increasing scrutiny as it struggles to convince the public that it can deliver the necessary results.

This is especially true when it comes to solving the problem of declining labour productivity.

For a long time, the opposition has struggled to present an economic alternative to the PAP’s programme. Worse, it has not taken itself seriously on presenting a viable economic system to rival that of the PAP which has affected the electorate’s confidence in its ability to take over the governing of Singapore.

The SDP is determined to change this. We will start by taking the first step of presenting to Singaporeans a comprehensive, realistic and workable economic alternative.

Though the decades the PAP has established a system that has become addicted to multinational corporations and Government-linked companies.

As a result the Government has had to resort to bringing in foreign workers en masse in order to continue to get the MNCs to stay put and maintain profit margins for the GLCs.

This has worked to the detriment of Singaporeans who find their jobs taken up by foreigners who are able to accept wages that locals find hard to survive on. This strategy has also resulted in the decline of productivity.

In addition, the economic benefits have accrued unevenly with much of the wealth going to the richest of the rich while the middle and working class see their wages remain stagnant or diminish even as the cost of living rise.

Such a system is obviously unsustainable.

This is where an alternative is crucial for Singapore’s future and the SDP has the answer. We have worked hard to come up with an alternative programme for our economy that aims to be egalitarian instead of elitist, one that puts working Singaporeans first.

Much work has gone into our plan for an alternative economy, of which some ideas have even been echoed by the PAP.

We are looking to refine and improve on these proposals through a public discussion at this forum. So come and join us next Sunday. Let’s get serious about mounting a real challenge to the PAP’s economic system and ensure that we devise an economy that works for Singaporeans.

          What:   The SDP’s Economic Alternative Programme – A Public Discussion
: Allson’s Hotel (now called Hotel Grand Pacific)
                       101 Victoria Street
                       Victoria Room, Level 2
:  28 Mar 2010, Sunday, 2-5pm

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