Singapore warns of death and gangrene from fake Viagra

Richard Simmons
UK Medix News

Men who are nervous about consulting a doctor regarding erectile dysfunction or who are just curious about using erectile dysfunction drugs are the ones who are most likely to get themselves into trouble by buying counterfeit and dangerous medications sold either from criminally run web sites or in city back streets.

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore recently conducted their own study involving almost 180 examples of illegal sex pills impounded during police raids. In conjunction with the National University of Singapore they found that many of the tablets contained dangerously high levels of sildenafil [the active ingredient of Viagra], or of other similar chemicals.

They also noted, and this is even more dangerous that many of them contained glibenclamide which is sometimes used by diabetics to lower blood sugar levels but is not known to have any positive effect on erectile function. Glibenclamide in counterfeit erectile dysfunction medication is known to have been responsible for a number of deaths caused by the men being unaware of what they were taking.

The Health Sciences Authority said that the backstreet sex-enhancement products came in many different forms with some of them claiming to be natural or herbal. They said there were lotions, creams, teas as well as regular tablets all of which could be deadly. They said that if they didn’t kill you they couldn’t leave you could permanently damaged as one extreme case shows, with a severe case of Priapism that ended up causing gangrene.

These days it is so easy to get hold of genuine and legal erectile dysfunction medications so there is no reason to go down the back street route. Legal online web sites like Ukmedix allow you to check that your medications are genuine and that they are being posted to you from ‘brick and mortar’ Pharmacists in the United Kingdom.

It really isn’t worth risking your health and putting your erectile function in permanent danger by using fake medication.

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