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Singapore Democrats

Magazine coverIt is a publication that we are very proud of – 80 pages of information and colour. It is a magazine that many people never thought that an opposition party could produce. It signals competence and creativity, qualities not often associated with the opposition.

And judging from the feedback that we have received so far, it has exceeded all expectations. We say this not in arrogance or hubris, but with humble knowledge that if the Singapore Democrats put our minds to it, we can deliver quality.

The magazine is currently sold at Kinokuniya Bookstore at Takashimaya S C as well as at Select Books at the Tanglin Shopping Centre. It is priced at $21 ($22.47 including the GST). You can also purchase a copy online here.

All proceeds will going to towards fighting the coming general elections.

Opposition parties are overwhelmingly out-spent by the PAP which is dripping with money with all their donations from big boys.

We do not believe that we need to compete with the PAP on the amount of money spent during elections to win votes. Our creativity and productivity can more than match what the PAP puts out.

We do, however, have a mountain of an obstacle to climb in the form of the mass media. Remember that the chairman of the SPH is a card-carrying PAP member and former deputy prime minister Dr Tony Tan.

magazine-cecWe need enormous resources to overcome media censorship and to reach out to the electorate. This requires not just time and energy, but also money.

This is where our supporters come in. While each individual may not have thousands of dollars to donate, buying a copy of The Singapore Democrats is very doable.

Every copy purchased increases our ability to mount a credible challenge to the PAP’s autocratic dominance.

We have done what we can and we pledge to do even more in the coming months and years.

Now we need you to do your part.

When you get the chance this weekend, make your way down to Kinokuniya or Select Books and buy a copy of the magazine that we have worked so hard to bring to you. Or purchase online. Do your part for democracy.

We are counting on you for support. Thank you.

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