Number of HFMD cases surpassed warning level in S’pore

Prakash Sharma

The number of hand, foot and mouth disease has been increasing at an alarming rate in Singapore. The number even surpassed the warning level of 500 cases in the last three weeks, though it went down slightly to 496 in the last week that ended March 20.

During the first three weeks of the year, about 4,269 cases were reported, which is about 15% more as compared to the same period previous year.

No childcare centre has been closed so far due to HFMD which infects mainly children and infants, according to the Ministry for Community Development, Youth and Sports.

A child who is suffering from hand, foot or mouth disease develops symptoms like fever, ulcers in the throat and rashes on the hands and feet. It is transmittable by coming into direct contact with the infected person through saliva, nasal discharge, feces and fluid coming out of the rash of an infected person.

In order to get rid of the disease, the pre-schools conduct daily physical health checks. They also teach children to maintain hygiene and stay watchful against possible outbreaks.

Pamela Leong, Centre Manager, Pre-School by-The-Park said, “We do have a couple of kids that come in with a cough and a cold but they are only allowed to come back when it is clear”.

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