Constructive and forward looking: SDP’s economic forum

Singapore Democrats

The Opposition has always ceded ideas on economic matters to the PAP. Because of the years of GDP growth few have stopped to question the direction of our economy. The Opposition has hitherto been reluctant to engage the PAP on economic policy.

This is set to change as the Singapore Democrats embark on its campaign to present to Singaporeans an
alternative plan for our economy this Sunday, 28 Mar 10, at the Hotel Grand Pacific (formerly Allsons Hotel). The event is part of a series of activities to mark the 30th anniversary of the Singapore Democrats.

This will be an historic occasion as the SDP makes effort to tell Singaporeans that the present economic system under the PAP is unsustainable.

But we don’t stop there. We present a comprehensive alternative that will help us overcome some of the problems that our economy is facing.

For too long the opposition has not taken itself seriously in presenting fresh and workable alternatives to the PAP’s archaic economic ideas. This must not be allowed to continue. The SDP intends to push forward with our economic ideas and to campaign on it in the coming elections.

We have worked hard to complete a seven-part series of the SDP’s Economic Alternative and we look forward to discussing it with our fellow Singaporeans this Sunday in order to come up with a solid rival plan to the PAP’s.

Among the topics to be discussed at the forum will be how to rid ourselves of the problems of foreign workers which has affected thousands of Singaporeans, the crippling increase of HDB prices, the draining of our reserves by GIC and Temasek, the widening income gap and much more.

Given the Government’s inability to think out of the box and its obstinacy in sticking to its authoritarian and non-transparent methods of running the economy, it is high time that Singaporeans are given an alternative.

Let it not be said ever again that the SDP is a party that only knows how to criticise but has no ideas to bring Singapore forward. We are a constructive party of the future. Even PAP MPs have begun to adopt some of our ideas. 

join us this Sunday and bring your family and friends along so that we can have a productive afternoon in charting the way forward for our nation’s economy. See you there.

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