Candy’s special customers: the bribe-taking, sex hungry policemen

The Bangkok Post

Not only does Candy take full advantage of the Thai women, but certain personnel in the Singapore Police do as well.

All of the Thai women interviewed claim that Candy pays a monthly bribe to the police. The policeman he pays is a former head of the Woodlands branch who is now working elsewhere.

Some of the girls believe that Candy’s best friend, Ah Pooee, contributes half of the bribe and Candy often refers to the S$4,000 (92,000 baht) a month they pay the police.

In return Candy is forewarned of any raids which are going to take place.

Ah Pooee, also a Malaysian Chinese, is the main drug dealer in the Woodlands industrial area.

He is a ya ba user and supplies all kinds of drugs from his unit at a factory where he works as a foreman.

The drugs are kept under his bed. The Thai girls believe Ah Pooee must contribute to the bribe with Candy, due to the openness with which he is allowed to conduct his business.

One night in January a local po liceman in uniform arrived at the tents unannounced. The girls fled. The policeman used a knife to cut up all of the mattresses and he left a message with the tent minder for Candy: “You are paying the wrong police.”

According to the girls Candy was furious. In a rage he phoned “his” policeman and he later told the girls that “his” policeman would take care of everything.

The girls never heard or saw the knife-wielding policeman again and Candy later told them that he had been transferred.

But one local policeman, who calls himself Jack, has become Candy’s enemy number one.

In the first instance, Jack and two fellow policemen wearing matching police polo shirts arrived at the tents late on the night of Jan 24. All but one girl, Bam, who was half-way through seeing a customer, fled. Jack threatened to arrest her for working without a work permit, but he offered to let her go in exchange for a free sex session.

Jack had sex with Bam and was followed by a dark-skinned officer. A third officer refused to participate.

Police officer Jack and his friends have in recent months been regularly visiting the tents trying to catch some girls.

Candy has a male Thai worker manning each tent.

They put up the tent at the start of the evening and collect all the money. They also sort out any problems but now must try and look out for Jack and his mates and shout a warning to the girls.

Despite this, Jack has been enjoying taking advantage of his position in the police force to obtain free sex.

But two weeks ago things escalated.

A team of police, led by Jack, raided the only tent not controlled by Candy.

Again the police made no arrests, nor did they demand free sex. Instead, according to the girls working there, the police went through all of their belongings and stole seven mobile phones, about 12 baht in weight of gold (worth nearly 200,000 baht) and more than S$12,000 in cash.

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