Prof Singh does not return Chee’s emails and calls

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Associate Professor Bilveer Singh of the Department of Political Science at the NUS has not returned any of Dr Chee Soon Juan’s emails and telephone calls. The SDP secretary-general has been trying to contact Dr Singh over the don’s book Politics and Governance in Singapore in which he wrote that Dr Chee had ousted Mr Chiam See Tong from the SDP in 1993.

Dr Chee has refuted this claim in series of articles published on this website (see below) and emailed the academic to ask him to correct the error. Dr Chee also asked for a meeting to clear up the issue.
Since the first email that Dr Chee sent to Dr Singh on 13 Apr 10, the SDP leader has repeatedly called the professor and left voicemail messages asking him to call back. The SDP leader also followed up with emails to Dr Singh on at least two occasions including one today:

22 April 2010

Dear Dr Singh,

I am following up on my previous two emails to try to meet with you over the matter of your textbook Politics and Governance in Singapore. I have also called you on your office line and left messages on your voicemail.

I just spoke with your department’s secretary, Ms Mumtaj, this morning and she confirmed that you were in the office. I asked her to drop a note with my contact for you to call me back.

I understand that you may be busy during this period. I would, however, be appreciative if you could drop me a short note to acknowledge receipt of my emails and calls. We can always discuss this matter at a future time when you are less busy.

Chee Soon Juan

Dr Chee called up the department’s office this morning and spoke with a Ms Mumtaj who confirmed that Dr Singh was not on leave but was seen in the department’s office. Dr Chee asked Ms Mumtaj to leave a note for Dr Singh, asking him to return the calls and emails.

At the posting of this report, Dr Singh has still not responded to Dr Chee’s calls and emails.

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