Young Democrats keep up campaign at Bukit Panjang

Muhd Khalis

Like any bird that is being raised from its nest, it must, one day learn how to fly on its own. The Young Democrats (YD), the SDP’s youth wing, took the initiative to have its own walkabout and flyering exercise at Bukit Panjang last weekend.

When most of Singapore’s youth were still in bed or out with friends, members of the YD were out pounding the streets and avenues of the housing estate carrying the message of change to residents in anticipation of an election this year.

Young Democrats have previously conducted walkabouts and flyering with our mother party. It was a good experience for many of us as we learned first hand from party seniors and leaders on the art of campaigning and getting to know the electorate.

With good leadership and guidance, we continue to grow not only in strength but also in capability and ability.

During the door-to-door flyering, I met an old man who spoke to me in Malay. He told me: ”
Anak, lu mesti tolong Singapura dan anak cucu dia. Jangan biar tu PAP hancurkan masa depan Negara kita.

“Son, you must help Singapore and its children and grandchildren. Do not let the PAP destroy the future of our country.”

Its times like these that keep us going and its also times like these, when faced with difficult tasks, we know that we are not alone and that we have support. It makes us more determined to continue our struggle for democracy for this country.

The Young Democrats plan to hold more such exercises. With more such activity, we hope that our members will gain experience that will translate into leadership for our party.

Not only do we travel far and wide to learn from our democratic friends around the world, we are also honing our skills and building up our experience on the ground in Singapore.

We, the proud members of the Young Democrats, call upon our fellow young Singaporeans to join us and be part of the exciting change that will eventually see democracy take root in our nation.

Muhd Khalis is the Programme Director of the Young Democrats.

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