Singaporeans snap up SDP magazine as elections loom

Singapore Democrats

Kinokuniya Bookstore made its third – and largest – order to date for Singapore Democrats: 30 Years of Democratic Service, the SDP’s landmark magazine recently published to commemorate our 30th anniversary.

Sales of the publication, which also contains our manifesto, seems to picked up dramatically in recent weeks. We can only attribute this to the looming elections and Singaporeans want to find out more about a resurgent party. It presents the avant garde nature of the Singapore Democrats as well as the competence and dynamism of the party.

The magazine is a collector’s item and contains photographs in an attractive layout never before seen in Singapore’s politics.

The magazine showcases the re-organisation of the party and its expansion, especially since the last elections. It traces the history of the organisation and presents how and why the SDP has acquired our new-found energy.

Revenue from the sales of the magazine will go towards much-needed funds for the coming general elections.

It is no surprise that the PAP has all the money to run its campaigns. We have no millionaire ministers or rich MPs to rely on.

But we have you, the people of Singapore. We need your support to run a campaign that will not only match but also surpass the PAP’s.

women-democratsBecause the state controlled media is hostile to the Singapore Democrats we have to rely on flyers and the Internet to reach out to voters. For that we need funds.

You can help by buying our magazine. You can do this by going to Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City shopping mall or Select Books at Tanglin Shopping Centre where the publication is on sale.

You can also purchase it online by clicking here or emailing us at

Help us raise the funds that we need and also spread the message about what the SDP is doing to address the serious problems that confront Singaporeans today.

So get a copy of the magazine and help give our citizens a voice in our own country.

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