Customs foils smuggling of 5000 logs to S’pore

Antara News

Tanjung Balai, Karimun, customs patrol personnel earlier today foiled an attempted smuggling of 5,000 logs to Singapore.

Customs spokesperson Evy Suhartantyo said in Jakarta Thursday the process of arrest began with the interception of KM Harapan Utama at 4 am local time in Takong, Singapore strait.

She said the ship’s captain Rajak Ismail said the vessel carried 5,000 logs.

He said KM Harapan Utama came from Belinga and was headed to Singapore, with a crew of five, without manifest.

The boat, and the entire crew was being towed back to the customs base in Tanjung Balai facing charges of illegal logging.

When the boat was intercepted, it was about to enter Singapore’s territorial waters but refused to stop, but the Indonesian customs personnel managed to make them stop.

“The loss incurred by the incident may reach Rp750 million,” Evy said.

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