Concerned over the effectiveness of health screening in S’pore

Amit Pathania

The health experts in Singapore are questioning the effectiveness of the health screening program undertaken in the country wherein all the foreign worker s will be directed to undergo a health checkup before being permitted for working.

The maids will have to undergo a urine test and have X-rays. However, the experts said the general checkups have an inability of detecting serious diseases.

They fear that diseases like tuberculosis fall in this category. One of the experts shared that she had hired a maid in January and her medical checkup gave her a green signal. But, she developed a regular couch and suffered for over 6 months. When she underwent another check up, she had developed TB.

She further aid that such a situation can be common in a number of other households.

In such situations, some of the employers simply send the Maid back home. But this should not be the attitude. A proper care is required for the maids as well, in order to avoid the further spread of the disease.

“My entire family has been exposed to this highly-infectious disease. I have very young children and my parents have diabetes,” said the expert.

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