PAP has the cheek to condemn Potong Pasir

Singapore Democrats

For years the PAP Government has been playing the ugliest kind of politics to deprive opposition wards of funds and resources to upgrade their facilities and infrastructure. Now it comes up with a report to say that opposition town councils perform worse than PAP-run ones.

Potong Pasir has been singled out as the worst performing town council. Let us not forget, however, that while PAP Town Councils get priority in infrastructural upgrading and direct Government funding on building projects, opposition-held wards enjoy no such advantage.

The problem is that, flush with money, PAP town councils (such as the one handling the constituency of Bukit Panjang) have wasted it. Instead of returning the money to the residents or re-investing it in estate projects, Bukit Panjang lost it through ill-considered investments in toxic financial instruments.

Was this included in the Ministry of National Development’s report?

Given the unfair treatment of the PAP and opposition town councils, the effort to keep the estate looking shiny and glamorous is, admittedly, a challenge. But what’s the point of having an estate that looks good on the outside but have its inhabitants constantly struggling to make ends meet? 

What the opposition wants to see is a society that is more compassionate and more egalitarian where the people benefit from the system rather than one where the Government engorges its coffers and then use the money to publish inane reports ranking town councils. 

Singaporeans can stop the Government using taxpayers’ money to glorify itself and to print propaganda reports for the PAP. This elections presents the best opportunity yet.

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