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Dear friends,

The arts community position paper on Censorship and Regulation has been announced to the media at the press conference held Monday 14 June, 10.30am. Basically the position expressed is: do not censor, regulate instead.

Censorship creates a culture of dependency on the part of the public, timidity on the part of institutions, and impacts creative expression through self-censorship.

Regulation on the other hand promotes responsibility and accountability, if applied consistently, clearly and transparently.

The website containing the full paper can be found at:

We hope that as with the 2003 arts community paper, to be able to bring together members of the community who agree with the paper, as signatories. Please sign your support via the website ( ), and forward the site to members of the community who may not be on this group but who like the rest may be affected or who share the sentiment.

We are also anticipating media coverage over the next few days. In order to share the coverage with the community, we hope to be able to provide scans of news on the arts engage website. If you are able to help us clip and scan, please let us know on

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