City Harvest Church controversy comes to the Hollywood

Patrick Range McDonald

LA Weekly

Unbeknown to many Hollywood Hills residents, a major, developing controversy involving a wealthy Singapore minister and his widely influential mega-church has come to their posh neighborhood.

Over the past few weeks, City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee, a Christian leader in the Charismatic Movement who oversees more than 40 affiliates in such places as Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia, has been the focus of a police probe in Singapore for the possible misuse of church funds.

Now Hee’s questionable financial dealings may be surfacing in L.A.

Hee’s pop star wife, singer Ho Yeow Sun, who’s better known as Sun Ho, is renting a Hollywood Hills mansion for $20,000 per month, according to The New Paper.

Asian journalists, who have jumped on the story, don’t know if anything is illegal about the expensive accommodations, but it’s certainly a huge public relations gaffe for the embattled Hee and City Harvest Church.

The New Paper notes that the Hollywood Hills property is worth $5.6 million and Sun Ho’s neighbors are believed to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The singer is reportedly living at the mansion with her son, a nanny, her assistant and several family members.

The New Paper recently visited the Hollywood Hills and “spotted a black SUV and a black Mercedes Benz CLK550 driving in and out of the estate, which has four buildings in all.”

Sun Ho, one of the co-founders of City Harvest Church, had also been questioned by law enforcement officials in Singapore for more than eight hours, The New Paper reports.

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