Democrats continue with community care service

Despite our hectic preparation for the impending elections, the Singapore Democrats made time to visit residents of a nursing home over the weekend.Singapore Democrats

Despite our hectic preparation for the impending elections, the Singapore Democrats made time to visit residents of a nursing home over the weekend. This is the second visit party members have made to a home as part of our efforts to provide a service to our community, especially the elderly and the infirm.

Armed with drinks and cakes, the members descended upon the home last Saturday morning to spend time with the residents there. It was clear that they welcomed our presence and wanted to chat. 
And chat some of us did. Ms Chee Siok Chin carried on a conversation with one resident and enquired about her routine. She found out that some church members came around on Sundays and took them for Sunday services. Some other groups also came around from time to time to provide entertainment.

Our presence brought some cheer to their daily lives. The SDP will keep up with such activities as it is important not to lose sight of the fundamentals of life – caring for our fellowmen.

Such activity also brings home the reality of how public policies can affect our lives.  The Singapore Democrats are deeply concerned about the dismal amount that the Government spends on the weak and elderly. While one-quarter of our national budget is spent on the military, the PAP spends a fraction of one percent on caring for the poor and old.

There is no social safety net for many of our old folks when they retire and age. Many are left to fend for themselves in their twilight years.  Unable to keep up with the rat race, they fall into poverty and loneliness. 

But these are the same folks who toiled to make Singapore what it is today. While they were fit and economically productive the PAP worked them hard, only too happy to steal the credit from them for Singapore’s growth.

But when these folks become old and find themselves unable to contribute to the economy, the Government leaves them out to pasture.

The Singapore Democrats’ position is that more, much more, must be done to take care of our elderly. A true measure of a nation’s greatness is not how many billionaires we can bring in but rather how much compassion and gratitude we show to those who have given to us what we have today.

The SDP will continue to make our visits to these homes. Our Young Democrats are at the forefront of organising these events. We intend to inculcate strong values in our youth members as they develop as future leaders.

Politics is not only about power and money, it is about caring and sacrificing for our nation and fellow citizens. It is about using power to help level the playing field and to empower those who have been marginalised. It is about giving everyone, young and old, a fair go in life.

To this end, we intend to lead by example, not exhortation.

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