Breaking news: MDA bans Lim Hock Siew video

Singapore Democrats

The SDP has learned that Minister for Communication and the Arts Lui Tuck Yew has banned the video containing Dr Lim Hock Siew’s speech when he launched the book The Fajar Generation. The recorder, Mr Martyn See, uploaded the video on YouTube. 

Mr See has just received notification from the Media Development Authority (MDA) that Dr Lim’s video is banned under the Films Act and demanded the it be removed from YouTube. The reason given is that the film gives “a distorted and misleading portrayal” of past events.  
Dr Lim, a medical practitioner, was detained for 20 years under the Internal Security Act in 1963. Operation Cold Store roped in more than 100 opposition leaders and trade unionists. This effectively allowed the PAP to crush the opposition and entrenched its one-party rule.

This is the second film that Mr Lui has banned, the first being the interview Mr See did of Mr Said Zahari. Mr Said was also detained without trial for 17 years.

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