Lee insults Singaporeans – again

Singapore Democrats

First he likens us to animals, now he says we are ignorant. Mr Lee Kuan Yew told his audience that “Singaporeans are ignorant” at the Future China Global Forum Meeting held on Monday. 

Readers will remember that earlier this year in an interview with National Geographic, the Minister Mentor said that Singaporeans needed spurs stuck into our hide to make us work harder. 
This repeated pouring of contempt on Singaporeans has rubbed off on his followers. PAP MP Mr Charles Chong referred to Singaporeans as “lesser mortals” who were jealous of the rich. He made this comment when Singaporeans criticised permanent secretary Mr Tan Yong Soon for boasting about his extravagant holiday.

Ms Wee Shu Min, a young teenager and daughter of a PAP MP Wee Siew Kim, called a blogger a “wretched leech” when he lamented about the difficulty of finding a job in Singapore.

In the Global Forum meeting Mr Lee said: “The Taiwanese are ruthless, Hong Kongers are shameless and Singaporeans are ignorant. People who are ignorant are not corrupt and reliable.”

And because he holds such a low opinion of Singaporeans, Mr Lee brings in foreigners by the millions to replace us. This is no exaggeration as the minister has said repeatedly that without these foreigners, our economy would collapse.

If Singaporeans are ignorant, who made us this way? After all, didn’t we live under PAP for more that half-a-century? Is this is not a failure of Lee’s rule, unable to produce an intelligent population after 50 years?

Who jailed the journalists and crushed all independent media so that Singaporeans only get to hear one voice – his?

Who instilled so much fear in society that even historians dare not let Mr Vincent Cheng speak at a library seminar?

Who groomed an entire generation of unimaginative ministers who know everything about banning information they don’t agree with like Dr Lim Hock Siew’s video and nothing about inspiring a people?

But Mr Lee chooses who he insults very carefully. If he was a Hong Konger or Taiwanese he would not be making such derogatory remarks about his own people because he knows he would have been severely disciplined. In fact, he was roundly chastised by the Malaysians when he said that Johor Baru was a city of muggers and had to issue an embarrassing apology. He has since chosen his words very carefully when he talks about our northern neighbours.

But he knows that where Singapore is concerned he has complete control of the media and therefore safe in the knowledge that public anger will not be reflected in the newspapers and television no matter how much he insults us.

That’s how “smart” he is.