SDP moves to new premises, steps up preparation for GE

Singapore Democrats

Putting in place our operations

The SDP moved to a bigger office last weekend, stepping up our preparations for the coming elections. The new premises is organised to ensure an efficient campaign operation that will see our candidates, staff and campaign workers function as a cohesive and effective unit to take on the PAP.

There will be a series of initiatives both online and off geared towards carrying our message across to the electorate. In this regard, the PAP enjoys a huge authoritarian advantage because of the control of the media and the use of the state machinery.

Nonetheless, the Singapore Democrats are determined to mount an effective challenge by running well-organised and efficient campaigns in the wards that we contest.

Democrats doing the heavy lifting

Our new HQ will provide the necessary support for our effort to win votes. We are determined to take opposition campaigning to a new level, and our members and campaign workers will be organised to bring that about.

The last boxes are being put away and the work is being cranked up in our new office to get all the party gears and wheels turning.

Our strategy, which has been developed and honed over the last few years, is in place. Followers of this website will know that the SDP has not gone to sleep in the interim. We have been working hard for years and are presently bringing our efforts to a boil.

Our strategy will guide the implementation of our campaign tactics. In the coming weeks, you will be seeing and hearing more about our election effort.

Resting but never quitting

Through it all, we are guided by the fact that we are a party of the people. We have made our stand clear on the various issues and, more important, we have come up with workable and realistic alternatives, alternatives that even some of the PAP MPs have echoed.

Our emphasis is to level up society and make our system more open and our government more accountable. In short, we are working towards a democratic system where all our citizens have a say in shaping policies that affect them.

With the cost of living and inflation outstripping wages, Singaporeans labour under great financial stress. Giving handouts and rebates are not the solution because they demean the recipients. Instead, Singaporeans must be empowered to demand fair wages and to decide what is good for them.  

Now for the real work

There are pressing issues that need to be addressed this election and we are deternmined to address them for and on behalf of the people.

But no matter how effective a campaign strategy is and how well laid out its plans are, without the effort and active support of the people, nothing can be achieved.

To this end we ask the people to step forward and get involved. There’s much work to be done. Let’s get on with it.

Email us at We’re waiting to hear from you.

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