YD: Cease harassment of Rachel Zeng

Young Democrats

With reference to the reports where the anti-death penalty campaigner, Ms Rachel Zeng, suspects that she is being
harassed and is under surveillance for her activist work, the Young Democrats stands behind her in solidarity and offer her our fullest support for her contributions towards civil society in Singapore.

As fellow socially-aware youths working towards socio-political change in Singapore, we condemn the alleged harassment towards Ms Zeng and demand that the perpetrators responsible cease and desist immediately.  

It is an action that is uncalled for in this civilized society. Any organization, agency, or entity that wishes to express displeasure at the activist work that she is doing and the values she espouses ought to do so in the open. The public should be the one to decide on whether she is doing the right thing or not.

Resorting to such underhanded means to intimidate activists only serves to lend further credence to her work and gives further impetus for other activists like her to persevere.

Activists play an important role in our society by bringing to awareness important issues in the greater society that otherwise would have been overlooked by citizens during their day to day struggles.

It is because of this that we stand behind all activists who are putting in their own valuable private time to work for the betterment of Singapore’s society.

It is a thankless duty that they have taken upon themselves and they should be allowed to conduct their activities free from harassment and molestation as long as neither violence nor hatred is espoused and propagated.

To this end, it is our hope that the harassment of Ms Zeng stop and the Young Democrats will continue to speak up and stand in solidarity with all social and political activists in Singapore.

On a related note, the Young Democrats also expresses our concern at the curtailment of freedom of expression with the
arrest of the British author, Mr Alan Shadrake, in connection with his latest book,
Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock.

A British national, the author has compiled and researched about the various highly controversial cases involving the death penalty in Singapore.

Mr Shadrake has since been released after being detained for over 39 hours since the day of his arrest on 18 Jul 10. He is still being summoned back on a daily basis for investigation related to the charges of criminal defamation and contempt of court brought on by the Singapore Government.

Jarrod Luo

Honorary Secretary

Young Democrats

Singapore Democratic Party

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