Democrats to launch video series on Facebook

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats will be launching a series of videos on the Internet as part of our build up to the general elections expected towards the end of the year. We will do this on our Facebook fan page. The first video will be uploaded sometime this week.

So if you haven’t joined our Facebook yet, you might want to do so now by clicking here as we will rely more and more on Facebook for our campaigning and to make important announcements. 
The Internet is one area that the PAP will have difficulty suppressing although this is not for want of trying. By banning videos and ordering the removal of Said Zahari’s and Lim Hock Siew’s interviews, the PAP is nervous.

It even goes to the extent of refusing to approve our licence to publish our newspaper The New Democrat. Together with the news blackout on the SDP’s activities by the SPH and Mediacorps, it is clear that the PAP wants to push the Singapore Democrats out of the minds of the electorate.

While there is nothing that we can do to get our message across in the traditional media, we will do everything we can to reach out to Singaporeans via the new technology. Facebook is one such tool to spread our message and our videos, which promise to be fun and exciting.

So join our Facebook today and get all your friends to do it too! It’s just one simple click to help us spread the word. We need a government that listens to the people and the only way that we can do that is to get the SDP into parliament.

This is the first time that Internet tools are available to us and there never has been an easier and more effective way of getting the word out. So do your part as an informed netizen and get on our Facebook. See you there!

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