S’pore urged to reset their priorities

Zakaria Abdul Wahab

A Singapore senior minister has urged Singaporeans to reset their priorities in life so as to make living in the fast developing city-state meaningful.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said having the 5Cs – cash, credit card, car, condo and country club membership which was the dream of many young Singaporeans since the 90s, were already achievable if they worked hard for it.

Goh said they should dream larger and look at the new 5Cs he re-invented that could be a better dream for them instead of griping about life in current Singapore, local media quoting him reported on Sunday.

“If I have to reinvent the 5Cs, my dream is to help create the conditions for a generation of Singaporeans to have a good Career, live in Comfort, surrounded by Children, and be Considerate and Charitable,” Goh said at a National Day celebration in his constituency in Marine Parade last night.

Goh, who is one of Singapore’s former Prime Ministers, said his own dream now was not about his own future but about the future of Singapore.

Urging Singaporeans to re-think their priorities for the betterment of the community and the country, Goh said they should not lose sight of the many more things that were going well for the country.

Singaporeans recently were griping about floods, high house prices, crowded trains and distance-based bus fares.

With growth prospects looking bright, he said it was time for Singaporeans to look at the bright side of things and live their dreams.

“This is far healthier than to live (what he termed) the Singapore Gripe and drone on like vuvuzelas (an African trumpet),” Goh was quoted.

Goh also recounted his earlier dream, like most Singaporeans then, which was built on four things that was caricatured as ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ – one wife, two children, 3-room flat and four wheels.

“Why only two children? Because you may remember at that time, the family planning slogan was ‘Two Is Enough’,” said Goh.


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