Swiss executive’s appeal adjourned

Andrea Tan

Swiss executive Oliver Fricker’s appeal for a reduction of his five-month jail and three strokes of the cane sentence for breaking into a Singapore depot and spray-painting a commuter train was adjourned until Aug. 13.

Singapore Court of Appeal Judge V.K. Rajah today granted Fricker’s lawyer Derek Kang the time to examine fresh evidence that the prosecution, which is also appealing the sentence, sought to introduce. Both Kang and deputy public prosecutor Kan Shuk Weng declined to comment on the evidence.

Fricker, 32, along with an accomplice, painted SMRT Corp.’s train with the words “McKoy Banos” on May 17. Singapore police have placed a global alert for the arrest of British citizen Lloyd Dane Alexander, 29, who was named as an accomplice.

The case is Fricker Oliver v Public Prosecutor MA232/2010 in the Singapore High Court.

Vandal may face stiffer sentence in Singapore

A Swiss man condemned to prison and caning in Singapore for vandalising a metro train could have his sentence increased after a prosecutor filed an appeal.Kan Shuk Weng, an assistant attorney in the Asian city state, said on Tuesday the man’s punishment should be increased in light of new evidence presented to the court. Hearings have been postponed until Friday.

The 32-year-old computer consultant pleaded guilty to cutting a fence and sneaking into a depot to spray graffiti on train carriages in May. He was sentenced to five months in jail and three lashes from a cane. He has appealed against the sentence. It was unclear whether he had already been beaten.

While committing the offence, he had been joined by a Briton who later left the country and was not put on trial. Workers did not report the crime for two days.

Singapore punishes vandals severely with up to eight lashes from a cane, three years in prison and a fine of up to 2,000 Singapore dollars (SFr1,556).

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