PM Lee welcomes foreigners to finance jobs in S’pore

Astbury Marsden

The prime minister of Singapore has announced that foreign workers should be welcomed to the city state.

In what is likely to be good news for Britons looking for finance jobs in Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong said the state “cannot do without” some individuals entering its labour market from overseas.

Making his National Day Message this week, he added: “Let us welcome them with an open heart, help them to fit in and encourage those who will become citizens to strike roots here. If we do this well, by the next generation, their children will be native Singaporeans.”

Mr Lee continued that many other countries have deeper talent pools than Singapore currently offers and the shortfall of workers in the state must be made up for by looking overseas.

However, he added that the inflow of foreigners would be controlled, he claimed, to ensure that only those who contribute to society are successful.

Meanwhile, recent figures have revealed that Singapore’s economy grew by 18.8 per cent during the second quarter of the year.