SDP calling netizens: Help us win Bukit Panjang

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We wrote in yesterday’s column how the PAP is nervous about the Singapore Democrats campaigning in Bukit Panjang and getting the Straits Times to run a two-page advertisement for its MP, Dr Teo Ho Pin.

How else can one conclude when the ST writers not so subtly rammed home the point that Dr Teo is good and invincible, and the SDP is bad and cannot win? The quote at the end of the piece says it all: “Dr Teo is already so popular in Bukit Panjang. Now that everyone is so happy with the upgrading works and new sports complex, he might even do better in the next elections.”

But while the media heap praise upon Dr Teo, they black out news about the SDP. Examples: The Straits Times refused to report on our fight for the residents and stallholders over the closure of the Fajar wet market.

We had signed the petition put up stallholders, met Dr Teo during his meet-the-people session, and written to Sheng Siong and the HDB over the issue. But none of this was reported by the Straits Times.

The media also made sure nothing was reported about our Alternative Economic Programme. They avoided attending our public forum during which we discussed specific proposals about Singapore’s economic direction.

The Straits Times even went to the extent of refusing to publish our replies to letters written by PAP supporters attacking SDP in the Forum page.

Not only are our views censored by the media, the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts withheld our permit to publish our newspaper, The New Democrat. As a result Bukit Panjang voters couldn’t read our news. Communication with the voters was made impossible.  

PAP has SPH, SDP has netizens

While Dr Teo has the backing of his party that controls the media and the electoral process, the Singapore Democrats enjoy no such advantage.

But we have something that the PAP doesn’t. We have you, the netizens of Singapore. While it is impossible for us to get our views through the traditional media, we have the new media.

We ask you, our friends and supporters in cyberspace, to help us get our message across. We need your help to overcome the PAP’s media blockade. You can help us in a few ways:

One, email this piece to your friends by clicking on the button at the top right corner of this page. If each of you can email this appeal to your friends and contacts, we will have spread our message exponentially.

Two, share this article with your Facebook friends and also invite them to join our Facebook.

Three. we also need to reach those who do not frequent the Internet. For this we need to print and distribute flyers. This takes money. We need you to donate to the campaign so that we can step up our communication effort with the residents at Bukit Panjang.

We cannot wait until the elections to start distributing these flyers and conducting  campaign activities. By then, it’ll be too little, too late.

Don’t let the PAP and the Straits Times continue to win elections by controlling the media. We need netizens like you to do your part. If you do your part, we will be able to give the PAP a run for its money.

So please donate. Donate now and donate generously. Every bit counts. Click here.

Finally, we need more than just funds. We need campaign workers who will help us carry out our election work, both online and on the ground. We started our work a long time ago. We are intensifying it now and we need your help. Apart from contributing financially to the cause, please also volunteer your services. Email us at

This election is crucial in many ways. The issues are pressing as they are worrying: The deliberate flooding of Singapore with foreigners, the escalating cost of living, the unaffordable price of HDB flats, stc. We need your support to stop the PAP from continuing these policies that are dragging us over the cliff. We cannot do this alone. We need your support.

Help us win Bukit Panjang. 

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