SDP’s ND Rally response video viewership all time high

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan’s video response to PM Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech has surpassed all previous SDP video viewership. In two days since it was first uploaded, the number reached almost 10,000 views. Watch video here.

This clearly demonstrates the concern that Singaporeans have over the issue of foreigners in this country. In the video Dr Chee focuses on the danger and recklessness of the PAP’s policy of flooding Singapore with foreign workers.


Another video that generated such high viewership was the party’s National Day message which featured several teenage Singaporeans (see here).

The Democrats recognise the concern that Singaporeans have over the issue of foreign workers in Singapore and we are determined to speak up and warn the people over the consequences of such an ill-managed policy.

Singaporeans must shake themselves out of complacency and stop thinking that the PAP has everything figured out and that we can just leave things to the ministers. The recent floods, the security lapses, the shortage of HDB flats, etc have shown that the ministers have talked a good talk but when it comes to the real test, they have been found wanting.

The SDP will continue to reach out to the people and warn them of the dangers of relying on the PAP. One of the ways of doing this is through the use of Internet videos.

Over the years we have used this tool to present the party and our policies to the electorate. As we progressed we have sought to improve the quality of the videos and will continue to do so. It has taken much time and commitment to produce these videos but the effort has been worth it.

We have been able to do this only because more people have come to join the party and provided us with the necessary expertise to carry out such an undertaking.

We thank all our viewers for your support and for growing with our videos. Our past videos can be viewed here.

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