Teenage suicides touch a 5-year high

Amit Pathania
Top News

Teenage suicides seem to have reached epidemic proportions as more and more adolescents are taking their pristine youth to the grave. The group Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) would be looking to concentrate on the issue of adolescents committing suicides in order to fight this battle and help the youth suffering with depression, which leads them to whiffing out their own lives.

According to the figures available, the number of suicides has gone up to 19 in the year 2009 as compared to eight for the year 2008.

Though, the number of suicides that have been committed come off to be very minute, still the rise in the number of cases is definitely alarming for the members of SOS. SOS would be looking to identify people who are more likely to commit suicide early and try to reach out to them.

SOS would be coordinating with welfare organizations, departments of the government and junior colleges and schools. According to Ms. Christine Wong, Executive Director, SOS, if the community is ready to give a helping hand then people who might be contemplating suicide would first seek help rather than look towards ending their life.

It has been pointed out by people dealing with the psychology of teenage suicides that the most efficient manner of tackling teenage suicides is by helping teenagers increase socialization among their peer groups.


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