Democrats to kick off GE season with pre-election rally

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats will be holding a rally at the Speakers’ Corner on 25 Sep 10, Saturday in anticipation of the general elections expected to be held in December this year.

This pre-election rally will be part of a series of events that will be organised by the SDP in the lead up to the elections. It will feature several speakers who will outline the party’s stand on the major issues that will take centre stage this elections.

One such issue is the PAP’s policy of flooding Singapore with immigrants and forcing our population number up to 6.5 million. Singaporeans are gravely concerned about the consequences of this move.

Another subject that is on everyone’s minds, and related to the influx of foreigners, is the cost of living. Many Singaporeans continue living hand-to-mouth and struggle to make ends meet.

We will call on the people to help us bring about change, change that will ease the hardship of Singaporeans and change that will make the PAP accountable to the people.

There will also be a display of what the Singapore Democrats stand for and the alternatives that we propose. With the press censoring almost all of our news, this will be an opportunity for the public to get up close and get to know us better.

For younger Singaporeans, the Young Democrats will hold a special performance. It will be an excellent opportunity for younger Singaporeans to express their views and concerns as well as learn how they can help in the effort to democratise our nation.

Come and interact with our members and register to help out with our election campaign in the weeks ahead. We will make available our publications for sale in our effort to raise funds for the election campaign.

So please mark it down on your calendar: 25 Sep 10, Saturday, at Hong Lim Park from at 5-8:30 pm (please wear something in red). Help us spread the word, tell everyone you know to come to the Speakers’ Corner and let’s get change going!