Young Democrats to celebrate Liberal Solidarity Week

Young Democrats

The SDP’s youth wing, the
Young Democrats, is celebrating the
Liberal Solidarity Week (LSW). The LSW is an international event initiated by the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) of which the Young Democrats is a member since 2002.

This is the very first time that LSW (from 20-26 Sep 10) is being held. IFLRY aims to make this an annual event. The occasion aims bring together young liberals from all over the world show solidarity with their counterparts in authoritarian countries.



Singapore together with Azerbaijan and Cuba will be the focus countries for this inaugural Week.

is of course the more well known among the three for its authoritarian form of government. Initially ruled by Fidel Castro, the baton has since been passed down to his brother Raul in 24th February 2008.

The Cuban activists have been operating outside of their own country for decades due to political persecution and death threats.

Azerbaijan is a former USSR state and its state of democracy in the country is probably the worse since independence.

Azerbaijans live under the iron fist of Ilham Aliyev since 2003 taking over from his father. He won the 2003 elections amidst allegations of corruption and a staged election.

Liberal activists in Azerbaijan are currently being followed and harassed by the authorities, thus effectively preventing them from participating in this international gesture of solidarity.

More detailed essays on the above mentioned countries by the Young Democrats will be published over the next few days as our gesture of solidarity with them.

As part of the commemoration of LSW the Young Democrats will be
screening a documentary on 22 Sep 10. Those of you interested in joining us please email to
[email protected].

Apart from IFLRY, the Young Democrats is also part of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats Youth Caucus (CALDY) and the Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA).

The LSW will culminate in an address at Speakers Corner during the SDP’s rally this Saturday, 25 Sep 10 (please wear something in 
red), where YD leaders will be talking about the future of the youths in Singapore.

So do come and be part of an exciting, first ever Liberal Solidarity Week and find out how we as young Singaporeans can build a future for ourselves.