Liberal Solidarity Week

Singapore Democrats

As part of the ongoing
Liberal Solidarity Week, the Young Democrats held a documentary screening on Wednesday evening.

The screening was attended by about 20 people, from all age groups.

The evening started with a documentary ‘The Heart of SM:Understanding the Needs of People with Disabilities’.

The documentary is about how the management of a mega mall in Philippines goes the extra mile to provide an environment friendly to the disabled community.

Next up is a documentary on a prominent Singaporean dissident-in-exile who was also detained under the Internal Security Act in the 1980s.

Last but not least, a documentary from Cuba made by Cuban activists was screened to the guests.

It documents how Cuban youths long for Freedom and more political space after long years of repression.

Even with the tight control over all aspects of Cuban life and the constant harassment from the state authorities, Cuban activists and members of opposition parties still continue to tirelessly advocate principles of Democracy and Freedom.

It also documents how the youth in Cuba is using new technology to connect with the outside world. Through the use of new media tools such as Twitter, FaceBook and Youtube, they have managed to reveal to the world at large, the severe political repression that is currently going on in Cuba under the dictatorship of Raul Castro (Fidel Castro’s Brother).

The film screening night was then concluded with a video statement from the President of IFLRY, Mr Bart Woord, who called upon all youths in authoritarian regimes, including ours, to stand together in Solidarity.

The Young Democrats will conclude this Liberal Solidarity Week with a Rally this Saturday, 5pm at Speakers Corner (Hong Lim Park). Do come down and join us for an exciting close to this very first Liberal Solidarity Week in the world.