Democrats continue campaign in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

Singapore Democrats

Team SDP at a wet market in Toa Payoh

The Singapore Democrats continued our preparation for the coming GE with a walkabout at the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC yesterday morning. The SDP has been working in the constituency for the past few years.Party leaders were on hand to sell the The New Democrat. This issue highlights the cost of living in Singapore and how the party proposes to help voters to alleviate their economic hardship. It also celebrates the SDP’s 30th anniversary.

The members visited hawker centres and coffee-shops calling for residents’ support and explaining our alternative policies.

In particular, we want the electorate to know that we are calling for the wages to be increased throgh a minimum wage policy and for the cost of living to be reduced.

Vincent Cheng engaging a resident

This can be done by bringing down the GST which is a regressive form of taxation as well as to ensure that the Government does not continue to profit from the people through its provision of services to the people.

Many of those purchasing the newspaper were housewives. One of them said that the Government was going to close the hawker centre there for renovation sometime in November.

“Is this a coincidence that it is done when elections are coming?” she asked with smile, knowing that hawker centres are where opposition parties sell our newpapers and meet residents.

The SDP will continue to work in the GRC and is finalising plans for the coming contest.

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