Letter to Lee Kuan Yew reaches far and wide

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan’s letter to Mr Lee Kuan Yew calling on the Minister Mentor to mend his autocratic ways in light of Mdm Kwa Geok Choo’s death has been widely read and circulated on the Internet.

This website registered a sharp spike in the number of readers after the letter was posted. The number of page views for the article alone was four times the average page views of our most read articles. The significant majority of these readers were direct visitors to the website as well as referrals from Facebook.

The readership is probably much higher because the letter was posted by several websites, online forums and blogs who have their own readers.

The letter was also widely circulated through the email. One of our supporters received an email from her supervisor (who didn’t know of her involvement with the SDP) that alerted her to Dr Chee’s letter. Separately, Mr Francis Seow emailed from afar the following message:


Dear Chee,

I received a copy of your letter to Lee Kuan Yew from sources, far and wide, all of which was well received.

I thought it was a splendidly well-penned letter and so appropriate to the occasion. It cannot fail but make Kuan Yew think of the great harm he has done to so many others and of the misuse of his vast executive authority in order to perpetuate his selfish political ends.  Well done!

Regards to you and your dear wife. Take care.


The letter was even posted by several Malaysian websites and blogs such as Aliran, Malaysia Today and Malaysia Insider.

The Singapore Democrats are aware of the usefulness of the new media as a communications tool especially in a society where the traditional is controlled by the state. We are determined to break the PAP’s stranglehold on information flow in Singapore and, with the support of netizens, we are confident that this goal will be achieved.

To this end, we thank all our readers for your continued support.

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