Another bear sighting, this time at Bukit Panjang

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Danny making friends the easy way

There were reports of a bear-like creature sighted this morning at Bukit Panjang. This follows a bear sighting at Ulu Pandan last week where fuzzy pictures of a black bear rummaging through a trashbin was posted on the Internet, setting online tongues a-wagging.

This morning residents at Bukit Panjang were similarly alarmed where they saw another furry creature that also resembled a bear. They peered to get a better look at the…whatever it was that was huddling in the corner. The children also stared intently and didn’t quite know how to react. Then as it ambled towards the crowd, the people readied themselves…

…to greet Danny the Democracy Bear!

Danny is the latest addition to the SDP family. His membership was unanimously approved by party members. He has special communication skills and wants to do his part to promote the message of democracy in Singapore. 

Danny joined his party mates today to do their Sunday walkabout and selling The New Democrat. He was, of course, the star of the event turning heads wherever he went.

Danny a crowd-puller

Clad in party colours with the words ‘I LOVE SDP’ emblazoned across his T-shirt, Danny was an instant hit with the folks at Bukit Panjang as he introduced himself and made his way around the breakfast tables.

He made even more friends with the little ones as he carried a basket full of candy and lollipop, and invited them to help themselves.

Like bees to honey, kids swarmed around the lovable SDP member and wanted to squeeze his nose and poke his tummy. Many stopped to take a picture with him. Even a 70-year-old uncle could not resist taking a photograph with him.

“You’re so old already,” the missus reminded.

“Never mind, lah. He’s so friendly,” Uncle beamed as he asked his son to snap the picture for him.

It was quite a sight to behold as Danny walked about the market place and greeted shoppers. We believe he is the first bear to enter into the political scene in Singapore, although this will have to be verified with the Registry of Societies.

As Danny went about his business, the other members went about theirs: selling The New Democrat and meeting residents. The Singapore Democrats have been working hard at Bukit Panjang in preparation for the coming contest with Dr Teo Ho Pin of the PAP. The party has also been doing house visits around the estate.

Even Danny is catching up on SDP’s news

Day or night, weekday or weekend, the SDP has been working at full tilt to bring its message across to the electorate. We have been visiting Bukit Panjang and the surrounding area for years.

Many of the residents are upset at the high cost of living. Housewives, especially, complain about the dollar buying fewer and fewer items at the market. One told us that the GST is adding to their bills and that she thinks that the PAP will increase the tax after the next general elections. 

As hard as we are working, it is tough competing with the PAP candidate. This is not because he is any better or more competent. With the state media blacking out our news and blasting out the PAP’s at every turn, the contest cannot be more biased. The SDP has to work ten times as hard just to draw even.

But the Singapore Democrats have never shied away from hardwork and we continue to pound away in the constituency to tell the people of the urgent need for a competent, constructive and caring opposition in Parlaiment so that their voices can be heard.

With the addition of Danny, our workload has been made a little lighter.

Danny’s facebook fan page

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