SDP needs your help to step up campaign

Singapore Democrats

We have shown to Singapore how, with committed and creative people, we can bring opposition politics in this country to a whole new level.

We are breaking new ground and thinking out of the box in reaching out to voters. We have been constructive, offering workable solutions to our nation’s problems.

Despite all the persecution, we have remained positive and forward looking in our campaign to bring democratic change to our country. But as much as we have done, there is still much, much more to do. There is a still a mountain to climb and we cannot climb it alone. We need your help. We need your donations.

Many of you have given and we thank you for your generosity. We want you to know that we have put your contributions to hard and, as you have seen, very productive work.

But there are still many of you who are considering helping but have yet to do so. We want you to know that your donations are crucial in helping us become the party that you want to see – competent, constructive and caring.

We want you to know that we are not just preparing ourselves for the next elections but also building a foundation for the continued development of a party prepared to take over as the government in the future. Our focus on attracting and developing young leaders is not for show, but a real effort in this direction. 

To this end, we have, for example, put ourselves to the test by conducting Exercise Lightning Block which simulated the events during the general elections. We conduct the dry-run to ready ourselves for the actual event by probing for weaknesses within our operations team. We do this in our quest to constantly better ourselves.

We are not afraid to tell you that there are still many shortcomings within our organisational chain that need fixing. But fix them we will. That is the strength of the Singapore Democrats, a party that is serious about improving orselves and striving to realise our potential. 

And because we take our work seriously and professionally, we have had people coming on board to join and help us. With our growing ranks, we have also witnessed our capability deepen and expand.;w=425;h=350;f=http%3A//

As a result we have been able to stage major events such as Dazzle with the Democrats, our 30th anniversary dinner held in February this year, where we received much positive feedback (watch video, left).

Our more recent pre-election rally has also gotten encouraging response. These exercises have allowed us to get our message across and reach out to the people. Now we want to organise a bigger and better Rally2.

We have come up with our Alternative Economic Programme and we have been innovative, producing a series of videos designed to engage the electorate. We have more in store.

In short we are building up a team of dedicated and competent professionals capable of serving Singapore and taking the nation forward. We are determined to put together a party, forged from the intense heat of the political crucible, to lead the opposition and provide Singapore with a true alternative.

If you want to see us continue our development and step up our campaign for this elections, then support our efforts with your donations.

Without your active support, the opposition will forever remain weak and directionless. The SDP is breaking new ground in Singapore’s politics and we are showing the way forward. Help us continue this change that we so desperately want to see in the opposition.

Please donate today and donate generously. Thank you.


How to donate

Online You can make your donation through Paypal by clicking here.

Bank transfer or deposit You can transfer or deposit your donation to:
Account name: Singapore Democratic Party
Account number: 025 – 006978 – 1
Bank: DBS Bank
Swift code: DBSS SGSG
(Note: No ATM card required if you use DBS cash deposit machine)

Cheque You can also write us a cheque made payable to the Singapore Democratic Party and mail it to 12A Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578192.

In person Or you can email us at to make alternative arrangements.

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