It’s About You

Singapore Democrats

It’s About You. That’s what the second pre-election rally that the Singapore Democrats are organising is about. It’s about your worries over the cost of living and how you’re struggling to cope with it.

It’s about how, with all the cheap foreign labour that the PAP is bringing in, you’re going to be able to compete fairly in the job market, and if you do land a job whether you’re going to be paid sufficiently to survive.

It’s about you and your housing, whether you will be able to afford the insane HDB prices, and if you get one whether you will be able to keep up with your massive loans that you have to take out.

It’s about you and how you’ve worked so hard and made so much sacrifice all these years, and now told that you cannot retire brcause you have no CPF savings to retire on. Worse, when you continue to work past retirement, you have to work harder for less.

It’s about you and how your real incomes are shrinking while the ministers continue to pay themselves $10,000 a day.

Never have Singaporeans faced such a bleak future. The PAP doesn’t know what else to do to keep our economy going and has resorted to really scary tactics that, frankly, no one knows quite how they will turn out.

They are conducting an experiment and you, the people, are the guinea-pigs.

Are we going to be guinea-pigs or are we going to stand up and say enough is enough? It’s a choice that we’ll have to make. No one else can help us, only you can. Only you can make the decision to protect your own interests.

Never has your vote been so crucial to your own future. That is why this election is about you.

It’s About You is not just the theme of our second rally. It is also the title of our alternative economic programme that the SDP will be launching at the rally on 13 November.

We chose it as the title because all our proposals are centred with one entity in mind – you.

Whether we propose the lowering of the GST or the dismantling of the GLCs or the introduction of the minimum wage, we have done it because we know that Singapore’s most precious resource is the people.

If we don’t ensure that our national policies are centred around the people instead of around the few who rule over the people, then we are squandering away our most prized asset.

This coming general elections has never been more crucial to you. This is why you need to come to our second rally and hear how we, the Singapore Democrats, can help you and help make your future brighter and more secure.

The rally has much in store, the details which will be announced over the next several days. Make sure that you keep this important date with us and get your family and friends to attend as well.

Remember, It’s About You. For us at the SDP, it always has.


SDP’s Pre-Election Rally 2

13 November 2010, Saturday, 4 pm
Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park

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It’s About You (SDP’s Pre-Election Rally 2)

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