Dear Mums and Dads

Singapore Democrats

Dear Mums and Dads,

I am going to be at the It’s About You rally this Saturday, 13 November and I hope to see you there. I know you’re looking forward to hearing the speakers address some very important issues and I’ve been told that there are some new faces speaking at the rally.

But you know, there’s going to be lots of other things to do as well. I’d love to take some photos with you and your children. Pictures of me have been making their rounds not just on the Internet but also in the newspapers. I just thought it’d be good to have photos taken with you. They last a lifetime.

You already know that we’re having a mini-concert, Rocking For Rights, that day where we’ll have a band that’s going to belt out some adrenalin-pumping numbers. It’s never been done before, so why not come and join us for a really historic occasion? And if it turns out well, we’ll do it regularly. I’m all for rocking for our rights.

And rolling too. I’ll be going up on stage and conducting a hula-hoop contest. Don’t let my roundness fool you, I do a mean hula-hoop. So mums and dads, bring your children along because I want them on the stage with me hula-hooping. It’ll be so much fun! And you know me, I don’t go anywhere without my lollipops and candy. Okay, okay, it’s not just for the kids, you can have some too.  

My buddies are also serving up some scrumptious stuff at the Yummy Corner – chicken wings, hot dogs, chips, the whole lot. We had so much food at our first rally and everyone had a great time. One more item that we’ve added to our menu – good, old-fashioned kacang puteh!

The rally will centre around our alternative ideas for Singapore. We will launch our alternative economic programme which bears the same title as the rally – It’s About You. Why? Because it’s really about you.

Withdrawing more lollipops

Also, come and help us put up a giant signboard filled with balloons. I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you what the sign says except that it’s going to be big and fun. Come on down and find out what it is.

And as in the first rally, there’ll be a closing ceremony which I think you’ll really like. 

We’ve been working hard to bring this event to you and it won’t be successful unless you are a part of it. While my party mates are doing the serious business of talking about the issues and alternative policies, I see no harm in having fun along the way.

We’re also trying to raise funds for the elections. I’m doing my part and I want all of you to come and do yours. Your presence and your contributions are so important. This will also be a great opportunity to sign up to be a helper in our campaign. We need all hands and legs (and paws, of course) to help with the election activities. There so much to do and so little time to do it.

Much of what is happening has never been done before. We’re breaking new ground and we want to show how innovation and enterprise can lift up the opposition and bring confidence to all our friends and supporters.

I really hope to see you at Hong Lim Park this coming Saturday at 4 pm. Remember to bring along you family and friends. It’ll be a great afternoon.      

Lots of hugs and kisses,


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