Wong Wee Nam, James Gomez to be among speakers at rally

Singapore Democrats

Drs Wong Wee Nam and James Gomez will be among several new speakers who will take to the podium at the It’s About You rally at Hong Lim Park this Saturday.

They will address the problem of the growing divide in wealth in this country and the need to build a more egalitarian economy, issues that are central to the Singapore Democrats’ message in the coming general elections.

Most people know that Dr Wong is a general practitioner, running his own clinic. What is lesser known is that he also has a law degree from the University of London. He ran as an opposition candidate in 1997 and writes regularly for websites like Sgpolitics.net. Effectively bilingual, Dr Wong will deliver his speech in English and Chinese.

Dr Gomez is no newcomer to politics in Singapore. He contested in the 2006 GE under the Workers’ Party. He is currently Deputy Associate Dean at Monash University in Australia and has been a staff member at various think-tanks and universities across the world. He founded the Think Centre in 1999 and is the Executive Director of Singaporeans for Democracy (2009). Dr Gomez will be speaking on the plight of the working poor in Singapore.

The SDP will feature two other new speakers at the Rally. Mr Sylvester Lim, a member of the Central Executive Committee of the party, will highlight the Democrats’ proposals to lower the cost of living in this country.

Ms Jaslyn Go, who will speak in Chinese, will also emphasize on economic issues but address the subject from a mother’s viewpoint. Ms Go, a mother of two who also runs a successful business, will relate the difficulty of making ends meet with rising costs and stagnant wages.

Other speakers are Mr John Tan, Mr Jufrie Mahmood, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha and Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Dr Wijeysingha caught the attention of many when he spoke at the first pre-election rally held a few weeks back in September. He had spoken eloquently on the need for a minimum wage law in Singapore. He holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Sheffield, UK. 

All the speeches will have a common thread running through them which is the SDP’s alternative economic programme. The party will launch the programme bearing the same title as the rally: It’s About You during the rally. It delineates the various economic policy areas and, more importantly, makes clear the alternative measures needed to bring our economy forward.

Another reason to come to the rally is Kenneth Lin. Young Kenneth is a 16-year-old student who made headlines when he launched a petition on Facebook calling on Mr Lee Kuan Yew to apologise for saying that spurs need to be stuck into the hides of Singaporeans to make them work harder.

Mr Lin was also featured in the SDP’s National Day Message this year. He will speak on his entry into politics and what motivates him to continue to speak up. He has gained the admiration of party members, many several times his age, when he spoke during a rehearsal. He demonstrates a level of political maturity and awareness well beyond his age. He will speak at the Young Democrats’ segment at about 5 pm. You won’t want to miss it.

Mr Muhd Shamin (pictured above), who delivered an impassioned speech calling on young Singaporeans to get inovolved in opposition politics, will be the other speaker during the youth segment.  

So make your way down to Hong Lim Park this Saturday, 13 Nov 2010 starting at 4 pm. There’s much to do and hear at the rally. Don’t miss this important curtain-raiser to the coming general elections.

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